Autumnal Headdress

{Autumn themed headdress for a child bridesmaid}

I made this headdress as a sample for an Autumn-themed wedding.  It contains sedum, hypericum berries, rosemary and ivy leaves, all picked from my garden and hedges.

Firstly I made the wire frame and covered it in green ‘gutta’ (a plastic substance that you wrap around wire to make it green and to cover any sharp edges).  I then wired all the individual flowers either singly or as pairs before attaching them to the frame.

This particular headdress is known as a ‘chunky’ because it is supposed to look full of foliage and flowers and is designed to sit on the top of a child’s head for the congregation to admire as they look down! I finished this one off with a little organza ribbon in a colour that complemented the berries.

Sometimes I adapt these headdresses, by making them slightly smaller.  They can then be used to sit around the base of candles or pots at a dinner table to add some seasonal decoration.

Hope you like it!


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