The First Signs of Autumn

{clematis seed head}

The leaves on the horse chestnut trees are just starting to turn bronze (they are always the first to start) and there are berries everywhere.  Many of the plants that were overflowing with flowers are now polished off with incredible seed heads, which are just as beautiful in their own way.

This year I have decided not to get depressed over the end of summer (even though, Autumn is by far my favourite season, despite it being the precursor to dreary January and February).  Instead I am going to think about what is getting ready to show off, like the lenten roses and all the bulbs that are rooting underneath the soil.


2 thoughts on “The First Signs of Autumn

  1. Ooh… October is my favourite and if we have a reasonably dry September, there will be the most amazing fiery yellows and reds!


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