The Oliver Story…

{Playing in his favourite box….}

So if you managed to catch this post, you will know that on Thursday I collected our little rescue kitten Oliver.  I did promise a bit of background so here we go…

We decided to adopt a rescue cat after a lot of thought.  We have had a little bit of previous involvement in stray/abandoned cats and when we bought the Finca, with its little outbuildings, we knew it was the perfect place for a cat.

I got in contact with our local cat rescue centre, who said that they had just collected a kitten from a farm.  He had been badly treated, dumped and did not want to go anywhere near people. I must just say that the lovely farm-owners who found him, did not have anything to do with this sad treatment of him, they just found him, put out some food and phoned the right people.

It took ages for Ollie to be caught safely, as he wouldn’t let anyone touch him (probably thinking that he would be hurt again).  Once he was back at the rescue centre, he was very subdued, hid himself a lot, wolfed down his food and generally kept away from everything.  We saw him at this point and knew in an instant that he was for us.  We were not specifically after a lap-loving, friendly cat, and so we were prepared to give a more nervous cat time and space, to hide and start to relax.

With our home visit done (the centre, sensibly look where their cats will be living) it was time to get him.  He meowed all the way home in the car!!  It’s only been 3 1/2 days, but I don’t think I have met such a loving and grateful cat.  Ollie has visibly relaxed and has adopted the Finca (and us) as his own!!!

P.S. sorry if this tale is marginally soppy… I get all funny and emotional when I talk about animals.  I can’t even watch films with animals in!!! 


4 thoughts on “The Oliver Story…

  1. I think what you´ve done is great. And not all cats need to be indoor/lap pets. Our two pups are both rescue and sleep together outside all year round in a cosy kennel under the outside stairs but come in and sit on the sofa when the mood takes them, and generally run around playing and having a wonderful life. I hope Oliver continues to settle in and I look forward to reading about his adventures!


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