More Hours in the Day Please!

Sorry for my recent lack of posts…

This weekend has been taken up with kitchen fitting, painting and floorboard polishing (amongst other things).  The only thing I have not done is any gardening.  So to cheer myself up and to pretend that I have been outside, I thought that I would post the above picture!

Tomorrow, I want to photograph a particularly magnificent spider (who currently lives on the outside of one of the downstairs windowpanes).  We have named him Fred.  I know you’ll love him!


6 thoughts on “More Hours in the Day Please!

  1. We have a downstairs windowpane spider, too! She’s a jewel or cat’s face spider and she’s HUGE! We’ve named her “Jewel” because we’re original like that. (Oh, and if you ever find that “more hours in the day” patch, do let me know. I’m forgetting what it feels like to be caught up.)

    1. He is quite magnificent – I think you will appreciate him, even if you are not a spider lover! You must get some large specimens up in the mountains (I remember often finding scorpions in the bathroom).


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