The Finest of Cat Beds

{cat bed – handmade in Devon}

Next week we will be collecting our little rescue kitten, Oliver, so I have been sourcing bits and pieces to welcome him to the Finca (of course I will do an enormous post, with pictures, the day he arrives)!

The first purchase had to be a warm and cosy bed. Luckily, I found this shop on ebay, which specialises in handmade cat beds.

It arrived today and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!  There were lots of designs to choose from (I chose one, which had a jumping cat that looked similar to Oliver).  The bed is soft and squishy, can be machine washed and had contrasting fabric on the back, which I thought was a lovely detail.

I hope he likes it…


4 thoughts on “The Finest of Cat Beds

  1. How wonderful that you will be having a rescue kitten join your family – I´m sure he´ll love his little bed! Our two dogs were rescued i.e. they wound´t have celebrated their first month let alone their first year if we hadn´t taken them in. Looking forward to the “Big” post.

    1. We can’t wait. I am counting down the days! He was abandoned and is not completely used to people yet… we hope that we can give him some space to grow his confidence. Would love to see pics of your two dogs.


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