This Week I Have Been Inspired By… #2

{Where I have been reading this week – the garden}

To keep up with all things Spanish, I avidly follow Chica Andaluza here.  Not only has the author written a book about her move from the UK to Andalucía, in Southern Spain, but she regularly posts fantastic recipes and lovely stories about her life up a mountain! My favourite post so far and the one that had me actually laughing out loud was this one (although there was a sad bit too).  I won’t tell you too much about it… I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

I stumbled upon this blog, Gardener Scott, as the post was about dogs and tomatoes (two of my favourite things).  The pictures of their gorgeous labradors have hooked me into reading regularly… that and the great content of course!

I have also been reading a blog that has solved all my problems.  The Gifted Blog provides a wealth of information on how to wrap every conceivable present, in the most glamorous, chic and eco-friendly of ways.  Find it here.  You can search by type of present, or event, to be lead to creative wrapping solutions.  The one that I am going to try out, the next time I plan to give a bottle as a gift, is this one.

Happy reading!


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