The Perils of Bamboo

{Ornamental Bamboo}

Bamboo is exotic, lush green and makes calming swooshy noises in the wind.  However, as it is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, it can overtake your garden leading to drastic measures being put in place for its removal.

The previous owner of our house loved bamboo… and planted it… and left it…

Whilst starting to clear portions of the garden, ready for sowing grass and vegetable planting, we realised how extensive the bamboo shoots were.  The roots had got through the walls of the garden shed and had come up at least 6 feet away from the main rootball.

So, elimination is the next step I’m afraid. We plan to dig up the roots and will have to watch closely as I am sure that it will come back.  I doubt that we will ever be completely rid of it.

Please think twice about planting bamboo in your garden, even if you dream of swooshy leaves!  If you have amazing methods to get rid of it or have success stories, please get in touch.



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