Pacharán on the Rocks

{Pacharán chilled with fish-shaped ice cubes}

Whenever anyone goes to Spain, I always ask them to bring me back some of my favourite drink, Pacharán. It comes in beautiful, oblong, decorated bottles and is an anise/aniseed flavoured liqueur that is often brought around after a meal to aid digestion.  As it has a very refreshing and cleansing taste, it is the perfect summer drink, as long as it is poured over plenty of ice.

A perfect tonic after 8 hours of weeding and digging in the garden!


2 thoughts on “Pacharán on the Rocks

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    1. If only I could be playing with them! I’m down to my last bit in the bottle and I wish we could buy it here, but although I have searched a lot on the internet, I have had no joy!


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