This Week I Have Been Inspired By… #1

{Where I have been reading this week}

I am completely addicted to reading blogs.  It’s like getting a free magazine subscription, only they cheerfully arrive with much more regularity! I have found Bloglovin here, the easiest way to keep track of who I am following and their latest exploits and updates.

For my make-up fix this week, I have loved reading Make-Up Savvy here.  This blog focuses mainly on low-cost, high street or online products.  I have now got loads of ideas on how to keep my make-up budget reasonable without relinquishing any of the fun. (Especially useful when all your spare cash seems to be going on paint and skirting boards).  My favourite of Fee’s posts so far have been this one and I am going to hunt down some of that Boot’s jewellery if it’s the last thing I do!

To get inspired, I have been following The Design Tabloid here.  Created by a Cape Town based Interior Design company called Design Monarchy.  I love the photos of South Africa as well as reviews on all things interior, be it frames, wallpaper or amazing storage solutions.

To sample a great take on life in general, I regularly read Mara’s blog Eccentric Owl here. She has a great writing style, informing the reader all about her fashion expeditions to thrift/charity shops and which outfits she has put together that day.  I discovered this blog when it was one of the Freshly Pressed on WordPress and as she seems always upbeat, reading her updates became marginally addictive!

Aaah the weekend is here, time for some more reading!


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