I Love a Good Onion!

{plaited onions, drying in the greenhouse}

Seeing the onions drying in the greenhouse makes me, just for a minute, imagine that we are living somewhere sunny and hot, possibly in the Mediterranean region!  I think that it must be their resemblance to ropes of garlic hanging from a market stall.

Soon these onions will be ready to hang in netted bags in a cool, dark place, just waiting to be added to winter stews!


4 thoughts on “I Love a Good Onion!

  1. Yes, we did get a little carried away when we planted. Glad we did now! Do you grow garlic? I have always wanted to try but never thought we had quite the right climate.

    1. You have the perfect climate as it loves frost! Plant any time from November until Christmas Eve (the day it is traditionally planted here) and in the spring you´ll have garlic. A good way to use a patch of earth in the “quiet” months for the garden too.

      1. Ooh, I will definitely try it this year then. A great crop whilst nothing else is growing, like you say. I feel a new project coming on!


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