Spice it up with Poultry Spice

{Poultry Spice, about £5.50 for 450g, manufactured by Battle, Hayward & Bower Ltd.}

I read about this special supplement on the Omlet website, here.  It is a fine, spicy smelling powder, which you can add a tiny amount to your chicken’s daily feed, be it layers pellets or mash.  From the reviews and the forums on the Omlet site, people recommended it for during the cold winter months or when the hens are in moult, as they often need a little extra boost.

As both Keith and Steve have been moulting, we bought some of this Spice to encourage them to grow healthy feathers back more quickly.  Steve was also looking a little under the weather and needed a pick-me-up.

I don’t intend to keep them on this supplement for extended periods of time, but they seem to love the taste and Keith, in particular, has grown back some beautiful, glossy feathers.  £5 does seem like an extravagance, but there is masses in the tin, you only need a pinch and I expect it will last us for years.  I think it was a worthwhile buy for a couple of cosseted chickens!!!


2 thoughts on “Spice it up with Poultry Spice

  1. First of all I thought this was going to be a recipe 🙂 I must see if I can get hold of something like this here as all our chickies are seriously moulting at the moment and look like the victims of some horrible poultry abuse 😦

    1. Yes, it’s good stuff. Poor chicks, sometimes they go through a big moult at inappropriate times, like January! I know people who have had to put knitted jumpers on their hens to stop them from getting frostbite!


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