Carry a Camera to Capture Inspirational Paintwork

– uplighter lamp painted to match the wall in Farrow and Ball’s Vert De Terre #234 –

– white woodwork against the same colour (which looks very different in different lights)-

If you are lucky enough to have a camera that is lightweight, don’t forget to take it with you everywhere.  If you are looking to decorate a space, start by taking pictures of things that you like. You may find these in friend’s houses, National Trust properties (always check their photo-taking policies first) or on holiday.

With most computers and software nowadays you can catalogue your pictures into an electronic scrapbook.  I have a folder on the desktop of my computer called ‘inspirations’ which contains folders labelled according to the rooms in my house.  Although, of course, you can organise your folders anyway you choose, as long as it works for you.

I often go through theses pictures and narrow them down to the style that I actually want to recreate.  It’s very easy to fall in love with something straight away but oddly when you look at it the second time round, you don’t like it quite so much.  I think I want to paint my doors in a brave colour that I saw in a shop, but I know I will have to go back for a second and third look before I buy the tin of paint and get started!



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