A Touch of Heat

– orange crocosmia –

I saw this morning, that the orange crocosmia is just starting to flower, which usually means that summer is in full swing… hmmm… not sure about that…!

So today I have been a little saintly because:

  • I went for a run at 6 o’clock this morning (and no, I haven’t had a personality transplant and it was more like a jog… I mean a power walk)
  • I cleaned out our shed, organised and made piles for throwing, recycling and donating
  • I finally broke the back of sanding that wooden door

but also not very saintly because:

  • I ate far too many biscuits with my cup of tea this afternoon – I love biscuits
  • I have not yet found a eco/healthy/nice way of getting rid of flies (we have a lot of flies and I’m thinking it might be the return of those pesky plagues of Moses’)
  • I apparently rejected the offer of my mother’s home-grown potatoes… can I officially say that I never did, I would always say yes to those!


4 thoughts on “A Touch of Heat

  1. Well done on the saintliness! We have lots of flies too but I confess to using fly swatters – which are known as “Rambos” in our house 🙂 Funny that about your mother, I get “accused” too of things that I have no recollection of!!

  2. Don’t worry – we definitely advocate the use of ‘Rambos’!! It’s more the chemical based fly repellers that I would like to find an alternative to! 🙂


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