Thoughtful Gifts

– two books I received from a very good friend –

I love finding the perfect present for someone and sometimes I will make up funny occasions to be able to give a gift.  This week, I was on the receiving end of thoughtful giving!

Knowing that months of building and renovating are ahead of us, a colleague who I have worked with for over a year, bought me these two books above!  She has a great sense of humour! I think ‘Watch Out, Builders About’ is a non-fiction book aimed at under 10 year olds!!  I love it… it tells me the meaning of words like drain pipe, and very importantly, cement.

The other book is about creative wall decorating.  I think this came into her mind as the perfect gift because one of the walls in our house was painted fire engine red by the previous owner and will forever more be known as ‘the red wall of doom’.  She thought that this book may help us to sort out that particular problem!

If the lovely gift-giver is reading… thank you very much, and I hope you’re enjoying Cornwall!! x

As an aside, I discovered iBooks on the iPad Touch yesterday and found that you can actually get some books FOR FREE!! Although, beware, some are.. umm.. naughty.  So anyway, I am trialling a few books (not the naughty ones) to see if I like reading on a screen.  My problem I think will be that I love to collect books and display them on bookshelves and I completely believe that books can be a sort of Art.  I think I will struggle with having electronic rather than physical books.  Any thoughts?!



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