Prickly but Beautiful

– echinops –

Sorry for another flower picture today, but it was too good to miss!

I thought that I had better write first thing this morning as today is going to be busy.  I have fuelled myself with a lovely cup of tea and a couple of digestives before starting on the job list.  Hopefully by the end of today, the chickens will be nicely cleaned out and I will have painted the door that we sanded down last weekend, shown here.

I also find it very easy to slide down the slippery slope into throwing on yesterday’s jeans and t-shirt, therefore resembling some sort of wild woodland hedge-like creature.  So even though I will be caked with dust and paint for most of the day, I will try and make an effort to make it all a bit more glamorous.  For example, for fun, yesterday I kitted myself out in everything I found in the workshop: ear defenders, tape measure, pencil behind the ear, goggles etc.  I had so much fun adorning myself and it gave the villagers a laugh – I think they are used to my odd ways!!  However, today, I have turned over a new leaf and will be wearing my hair as shown by the lovely Emily, from her blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, here.


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