Sweet Sweet Peas

– last year’s sweet pea flower with friendly spider –

If I had been very organised, I would have planted my sweet peas in the greenhouse early in the year, while we were still experiencing the coldest wintery weather.  If I had, I would have been enjoying beautiful flowering sweet peas by now.  Unfortunately, I was so busy worrying about chopping wood for the fire throughout february and march that I didn’t apply myself to early sowing.

I eventually sowed my sweet peas in April and kept them under cover until they were about 6 inches high.  After pinching out the tops (to encourage branching and therefore a greater number of flowers), I planted them in a large ceramic pot, shown here.  I tied 4 canes together with garden twine, to provide the growing plants with support.

The sweet pea plants are now about 3 -4 feet tall and hopefully will flower any day now.  I keep looking back at my pictures of last year’s flowers to remain positive that I will be in luck this year and will eventually be able to pick bunches of scented flowers to give to friends and to decorate the kitchen with.


2 thoughts on “Sweet Sweet Peas

  1. Unfortunately, sweet peas are extremely thirsty and do not like being too hot or too dry. However, I bet you can grow some really amazing tropical flowers that we can only buy in the shops.


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