Creative Wrapping

– bottle wrapped in tissue paper –

I had to wrap a funny shaped bottle today (a present for a fab colleague) and I ran out of fancy bottle bags.   Luckily I had two different colours of tissue paper which I layered together and tied with a pretty, slightly wired, ribbon.

To get the neat folds all around the bottle, you need to place the base of the bottle in the centre of the paper.  Then, bring up the edges of the paper up bit by bit, holding them in one hand once they are taught with the side of the bottle.  Keep turning the gift around, bringing up the edges as you go.  Once all the tissue paper is pleated around the bottle, tie with the ribbon.  Adjust the ribbon and if it has wire, you can bend it to suit the look that you want.  Mitre the ribbon edges (cut in a diagonal) to prevent fraying.  Lastly, check the tops of the tissue paper and make sure that they look neat and not crumpled!

As an addition to this present, I attached another small gift to the front of the bottle and decorated it with a sticker that the kind lady in the shop gave me!


4 thoughts on “Creative Wrapping

    1. Thank you – it was well received! Even better – she re-used the wrapping in the same way very soon after, to give a gift to someone else. Spread the wrapping love!


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