Poor Lonely Keith

– Lonely Keith –

Steve has gone broody again… all day long, she tries to rush inside the chicken house, to spend hours sitting on nothing.  Keith on the other hand mopes about waiting for her friend to perk up and be normal again.

Bantams are notorious for going broody and ours have been in this state at least 4 times already this summer.  To try and get them out of it before they get too settled I have read/tried/found the various methods:

* Putting something into the nest box to stop them sitting (NB: bricks work well, footballs scare them silly)

* Put an ice-block into the nest – to lower their temperature and bring them out of broodiness (we have found this quite successful)

* Put the hen into a broody-coop – a wire or wooden slatted box with the aim of improving air circulation around the hen and not allowing her to get comfortable (I haven’t tried this one yet)

* Dunk the chicken into a bowl of cool/cold water – this sounds like the cruellest thing ever, but you don’t submerge the whole chicken in it!!  When I tried it with Keith, she found that she quite liked it and would sit in the bowl, paddling!

Hopefully it won’t be too long before the dynamic duo are back together digging holes in the garden…


2 thoughts on “Poor Lonely Keith

  1. It´s that time of year and bantams are really prone to it. Here they do the water thing but just by running a little cool water on the hen´s nether regions…doesn´t seem to bother them much. I just keeplifting my hens off, taking the eggs away and shutting off the nesting box once they´ve laid an eggg – takes a few days but it seems to eventually work! Good luck…(or you could just get some fertilised eggs 🙂 )

    1. Oooh… I know!! I would love chicks. I used to incubate 5 or 6 chicken/duck eggs a year and hand-rear them – they became so tame! The only problem is 70% always turn out to be cockerels or drakes!


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