Simple Table Centre

– single Dahlia flower in a vase –

Sometimes the simplest (and quickest) things look the best.  Here I put a single dahlia flower into a glazed ceramic vase on the kitchen table.  With cream candles either side, I think it’s all we need (except for the food, of course, and some good wine)!


2 thoughts on “Simple Table Centre

  1. Very pretty, I love Dahlias and am not sure why I haven´t tried to grow them here. They come back each year don´t they? At least, the ones I had in the UK did, but they were in a a very sheltered spot. Love your table too by the way, it´s gorgeous!

  2. Thank you – yes they can come back every year. Although my ‘this year’s’ plants are new as the old ones didn’t re-sprout. Usually it’s a good idea to dig the old stumps up and pot them to take them out of the frost for the winter (you probably don’t have that problem)! Thank you for the table-love too! My father is particularly handy with his wood tools and made most of our furniture… (am v. v. lucky)!


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