Etiquette for a Cherry Tree in No Man's Land

– the Cherry tree in question –

Just by our house is a reasonably big cherry tree, laden down with masses and masses of cherries.  Now, it got me wondering about the etiquette of fruit picking on communal areas such as this….

This particular piece of land is actually owned by our nearby friendly farmer, so actually the cherries and the tree are his and his family’s.  However, rules like this don’t ever seem to be as simple in our tiny hamlet, as everyone has lived here since doomsday (or so they will have you believe) and different residents stake various claims on the fruits, verges, fields etc etc.

Our nearest neighbour to the left is adamant that as she parks her car nearest to this tree, it has always been her right to have the first pick of the cherries.  She also claims to have nourished this tree from the point of certain death by a plague of some species of cherry-eating-insect-killer-bug and that the abundance of fruits this year is solely down to her green fingers!! She has since, also stated that she is responsible for our bumper apple harvest: again, she is 90 years old, so I just nod….. and agree!

When I asked our nearest neighbour to the right about the cherries… she has admitted that more than once she has taken out a ladder in the middle of the night, to whisk away the cherries before anyone could argue!

I was astounded that all of this countryside excitement has been going on for years, without my even noticing it.  It is obviously a very serious matter in terms of the village.

So, in the honour of all that is neighbourly, I am renouncing my claim to these glorious cherries (my excuse to them was going to be that I can see them from the bottom of my garden and therefore surely I could have a share)!  I will stand back this year and watch the professional cherry-claimers at their work.

If you, unlike me, are lucky enough to have a hassle-free cherry tree and would like to make, what looks like the most delicious jam ever created, try visiting Chicaandaluza’s blog which features a great recipe and ‘how to’.


2 thoughts on “Etiquette for a Cherry Tree in No Man's Land

  1. What an incredible tree – have never seen one so huge! And as for all the village wrangling, again, it sounds just like Andalucía!! Thanks so very much for the mention…most kind. (And I´d get up that ladder at midnight too if I were you)


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