The Restoration of a Piano Stool

– the restored piano stool –

A little while ago, we inherited a piano stool, which had been in my husband’s family for a long time.  When it arrived at our door, it was looking a little sorry for itself; the bottom was falling out, it had been subjected to several coats of rather severe brown varnish and the cushion on the top had been a home to a family of moths for the best part of 50 years.

As the significance of the stool was told to me (generations of children learning their piano lessons, the prized possession of my father-in-law, etc.), I realised that we should restore it carefully and sympathetically so that it would have another generation or two’s worth of use in our home.

I started the project by replacing the underneath of the seat with another thin piece of wood, which I glued and tacked in to resemble the original.  This was followed by a lot of sanding of the whole stool with a rough sandpaper followed by wire wool, to remove all traces of the peeling varnish.

After re-staining the newly sanded wood with a suitable wood stain, I went about replacing the seat cushion with padding and a tough cotton cover (the plan being that eventually I would sew a tapestry to put on the top).  I also made a little cushion insert to go on the inside of the lid to provide a bit of contrast, colour and a nice surprise once the lid was opened.  The remaining task was to place some felt inside as a lining.

– the newly lined inside of the lid –

I now use it to store my tapestry wools!


2 thoughts on “The Restoration of a Piano Stool

  1. Thanks – it was a really enjoyable project! I’m sure my wools won’t be able to stay there for long, but for now it’s perfect!


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