Brilliant Blue

It’s about 23 degrees C today and there are so many bees flying about in the hazy sunshine.  To honour this, the water forget-me-not in our mini pond has decided to flower in abundance!  As usual, the flowers are the most startling light blue with little yellow and white centres.  The flowers will continue to grow and develop up the stem, leaving the empty husks of their predecessors lower down.


One of the only problems that this plant encounters is a rather enthusiastic wood pigeon, who enjoys digging up the soil and stones that it sits in!  I imagine that there must be some lovely grubs and larvae living in there.

Sorry for the short entry today, I only managed to post this one by chance, in the only window of the day where the internet was actually working!  Such are the benefits from living miles and miles away from the nearest broadband exchange! I do feel very grateful though, the people in the farm up the road are still on dial-up!


5 thoughts on “Brilliant Blue

  1. Mother nature creates the most stunning colours…and then we go and ruin it all with those horrible blue dyed carnations they sell in petrol stations! Your garden sounds idyllic.

    1. Yes, it’s a shame isn’t it? They dye so much now-a-days. Dyed flowers are always grim and carnations can be so incredible in their natural form, they get such bad press! I should write about it!

  2. Try growing the annual forget-me-not too. Once sown they will reward you year after year by self seeding themselves in the most natural of places. They may even find themselves a home in your wildflower border. What could be more delicious for just a few pence?


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