Wild Flower Border

-wild flowers-

With everything going on at the moment and little time to do routine things like cutting the edges of the garden with a strimmer, the most wonderful thing has happened…

A natural wild flower border has sprung up all around the edges of the garden and it looks so perfect in its wild-ness that people have started saying things like ‘Oh, you are cultivating a natural border – did you buy seeds for that?!’  – and as I nod non-commitally I think how fab it is that daisies, grasses, forget-me-nots and celandines have run riot and have created something that people think was on purpose!!

So I have stopped nagging about the strimming and yesterday when the sun was out, I had 20 minutes lying out with a book, next to my ‘specially designed’ wild flower border and felt extremely content and a little smug.

If you want to try it: 1. Stop all strimming, mowing, weeding in a designated area. 2. Make a cup of tea. 3. Wait a few weeks.  4. Enjoy and never let on that you didn’t do anything to create it!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Wild Flower Border

    1. Ha ha! I know! In a short while, the flowers will have gone to seed and it will look like a green and brown, grassy mess. The nagging about strimming will, I’m sure, naturally come back!


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