Land Cress?!

– land cress –

I must say that I never even knew that it existed!  I have always been a massive fan of watercress, as my father used to take me down to the local watercress beds when I was very little, on the back of his bike.  He’d let me have a paddle in the stream, while we talked about the likelihood of water snakes and then we’d be allowed to sample the peppery watercress leaves before taking a bunch home with us.  Watercress has always seemed like a gift from nature to me… semi-aquatic, naturally growing, edible salad leaves.

When I went to the garden centre to try and get some cut-and-come-again lettuces to put in a long trough.  (I usually buy 3 or 4 plants and then keep them going throughout the summer, so that we don’t buy any more salad from the shops).  I found the above ‘land cress’ and thought that it was definitely worth a try.

In comparison with watercress, it is still peppery but the leaves are tougher and less soft. The leaves grow individually from the main stem, not in branches like its watery cousin. The stems are not as juicy and thick, but tough and spindly.

I think watercress will always be my favourite, but with an absence of my very own watercress bed, this land variety will do me just fine for the summer!


2 thoughts on “Land Cress?!

  1. I had never heard of this. And funnily enough I have two girlfriends over from the UK and I was saying how much I missed watercress and can´t get it here. Will have to look out for this instead!

  2. Not many people I talk to seem to have discovered it either. The bonus is that the plant just gets bigger and bigger and doesn’t try to go to seed like other cut-and-come-again salad leaves!


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