Pretty Fast Growers

– Nasturtium –

About 5 weeks ago I found some Nasturtium seeds (Tropaeolum minus ‘Princess of India’) in the little ceramic pot where I keep all leftovers or packets of seeds that people have kindly given me.  I felt bad that these had gone un-sown, so I filled up a long trough with normal compost.  I am sure that I was supposed to be using seed compost, but I felt that these hardy plants seem to come back year after year and therefore could manage to break through the tougher soil!

After a week or so of warmish, wet weather (I had put them outside to germinate as all risk of frost was over), nothing was happening and I was feeling silly for having been so reckless with my planting.

Just over two weeks ago, I was delighted to find little shoots appearing in the earth.  All that time of nothing, they were gathering together and developing below the surface, disguising themselves as nothing more than a patch of well-watered soil.

Since then, they have been growing with great gusto and are now definitely looking nasturtium-like, all veiny and green with little purple edges.  I only hope the cabbage-white butterflies don’t lay their eggs on them too soon, or the caterpillars will eat the plants down to stumps and I will be in the pit of despair again!



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