Bumper Crop This Year?

We have a particularly ancient apple tree in our garden, which was in a bit of a sorry state when we arrived.  My neighbour assures us that it is one of the oldest cooking apple varieties but she can’t quite remember the name – she’s allowed – she’s 90!

Late last Autumn, we gave it a pretty harsh prune back, removing a lot of the upward facing shoots, unhealthy sections and quite a bit from the middle (the aim being to create a bowl shape to allow the air to circulate through the fruits and enable easy access for picking).  The tree went to sleep for the winter and we thought no more about it.

In the Spring, this tree suddenly came alive with the most astonishing amount of whitey-pink blossom.  Almost everyone who passed, popped in to relay their amazement and lots of ‘I wish mine would do the same’.  It was breathtaking and I only wish that I could find a picture to show you.

Anyway, this lot of blossom has turned into a lot of fruit… the bees, wasps and other flying insects were definitely doing their bit of pollinating!  The tree is laden down with boughs of apples, all just slightly turning red in amongst the green.

I think this year, will be its best year ever…


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