Chic Chicken Fencing

– Omlet chicken fencing –

Keith and Steve have been thoroughly spoilt and have now got the most amazing fencing that allows them to roam more freely, and safely, outside of their run.  It has been specially designed with bantams in mind because the lower half has smaller squared mesh so that they can’t wiggle their way through.  These two are serious escape artists!

The fencing has an inbuilt gate and comes with tent pegs to secure the bottom onto the ground.  We can’t leave the chickens completely unsupervised in it because of the open roof, but it definitely does the job while we are at home!

The first thing that the girls do when let out in the morning is do ‘a lap’ of their perimeter to see if anything new and interesting has arrived in their garden.  Our only problem now, is that they understandably want to be out all of the time and they wait by their run door, looking forlorn, if you are in any way running late!


2 thoughts on “Chic Chicken Fencing

  1. The eglu is a bit of an extravagance, but so worth it with this wet climate! Keith and Steve are hens… my husband named them, he thought it was amusing!! If we get another one, I think he wants to call it something like Frank!! Unless it is a cockerel, in which case, I expect the poor thing will be called Martha. They are going to have serious gender issues as they grow up!


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