Sunday Smiles…

A delicious smelling rose bud just starting to open…

These alliums (below) are those most incredibly structural plants with beautiful soft purple, mauve star-like flowers.  They look stunning dotted around the garden as they give extra height to beds and borders.  Even better, the heads slowly dry during the late summer and you can then use them in autumn arrangements.

I found this beautiful bird and flower graphic when I was searching through my old cards (I tend to hoard them)! I am now using it to cover the front of my notebook that I will use to plan out our various home and garden projects.

A beaten gold-coloured metal bangle, a bargain at £4 from Accessorize.  Perfect colour for summer and at that price, I won’t mind too much if it gets knocked about or gets covered in paint.  (Actually, I probably will mind, because I love it so much already)!

Zoya polish is the only brand that I tend to use as it is free from nasty chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde, which I’m sure doesn’t belong on your nails.  This colour is ALI and is a vibrant, neon pink.  Yesterday I cleaned out the chickens, put up fencing, moved a fridge freezer for the lady next door, mowed the lawn etc. etc. and there is not one chip in it!  How fantastic is that?!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Smiles…

  1. It’s great isn’t it? I have only found one place in the UK that stocks it because the company Zoya haven’t launched properly over here yet. They originate from America. I use to choose the colours I like (they give good descriptions and reviews) and then use to buy from, who are always very helpful.


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