Bunting is the Best

I have an absolute passion for bunting.  Relatively easy to make, it can transform any room or garden into an instant fiesta!  I would love to collect different sorts, both homemade and sourced, so that I can mass them together on very special occasions!  All of my family know that I never need an excuse to bring out the bunting…

Bunting can be made from salvaged fabrics, old remnants or from extremely exclusive and expensive material… the choice is yours.  For the one above I wanted a vintage, slightly nautical feel without going down the obvious blue and white stripe route.

I chose three different fabrics and bought about half a metre of each.  I made a template and worked out how many ‘triangles’ I needed (two triangles = one flag).  After drawing around the template with dress maker’s chalk, I cut them out and paired up the triangles. I ended up with about twelve flags.

I wanted to feature the stitching that I was going to use to sew up the flags.  I chose one on the machine that looked like a fishing net stitch.  I used a contrasting cream cotton and sewed up the three sides, leaving one cm gap from the edge.

Then I got a cream tape and spaced out my flags evenly along, leaving 50cm either end to allow for tying up once finished.  I then sewed the flags onto the tape, which meant that one side shows the taping more than the other and I quite liked that effect.  I did toy with the idea of leaving the tops of the flags open, then sinking the taping into the flags before sewing, but it made it look too formal for what I had in my mind.

I have spotted some lovely eccentric fabric that features birds in my local fabric shop, which is crying out to be made into some bunting! That’s my Saturday sorted…


2 thoughts on “Bunting is the Best

  1. I love bunting too – and the material and stitching you used is gorgeous! A friend of mine went to a wedding recently and the theme was an English Fete. The bride and her family had collected pretty cups, saucers and plates from junk shops and jumble sales over the year and made miles and miles of bunting. I thought this was such a lovely idea.


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