I had a real treat the other night of discovering the first of the courgettes.  I was starting to worry that the plants were going to disappear under a weight of powdery mildew, but they seem to have gathered strength and come back with a force!

Although prone to diseases like powdery mildew, courgettes seem quite naturally resistant to slugs and snails (but are vulnerable when young) as they have these fantastic spiky bits on the outer edges of the leaves.  You would have to be a pretty brave slug to try your luck over that surface!

As the plant matures, the courgettes form from the flowers and will keep the flower on the fruit up to picking time.  A friend has just given us some great recipes for courgette flowers, so I will have to try them out!  I like to pick the courgettes before they get too big and marrow-like and then roast them with olive oil and rosemary.



2 thoughts on “Courgettes!

    1. Yay – finca status reached through courgettes! Wait until you see my post on my pear tree… wait for it…. with actual pears!


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