These are the castanets that my husband bought me as a treat because I kept going on about how much I would like to learn how to play them properly!  Although they look like quite a simple percussion instrument, the variety of sounds and rhythms that can be produced is amazing.  To help me on the right track I watch a lot of YouTube videos!! There are lots in English to start you off, but the most helpful one I found was – Castanet Playing .  It doesn’t matter too much if you are not a confident Spanish speaker, as you can watch closely at what the lady is doing and play along with her!

I think I probably annoy all the sheep in the evening by practising while I am making supper! They had better get used to it, because these are here to stay!


2 thoughts on “Castanets

  1. You´re so right – it isn´t just clack, clack, clack. There´s a real art to playing them. Some of Big Man´s family are very musical and to watch his sister and her daughters playing the “castañuelas” (as they call them here, which I find weird!) is like a dance in itself. Keep going, you´ll crack it soon!

    1. Sí las castañuelas! You never know, if I practise a lot, I may be able to upload my own YouTube video (…hmmm might be a while)!!


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