Shhhh she’s sitting on eggs…

We have to tiptoe around the garden because our lady wood pigeon is sitting on two beautiful white eggs.  She decided to make her nest in the wisteria so that she has partial cover with a great view of the garden.  If we walk around her, she doesn’t seem to mind, but she definitely hates the lawn mower.  I have only peered into the nest when she has been off it, but have made sure that we don’t touch anywhere near the nest or stay around too long.  I would be devastated if she abandoned the eggs.  Her mate sits nearby keeping watch and looks like he is doing a good job.

I will definitely update with chick pics when they arrive!


3 thoughts on “Shhhh she’s sitting on eggs…

  1. Lovely! You´re very lucky to see this. And this has reminded me that one of our hens is “due” to hatch her chicks today, so will pop down in a moment to see how she´s doing!


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