Tomato Plant Update

So, it must have been at least 4 weeks since I wrote about the tomato plants.  Well you can see from the above photo that they are massive and are starting to flower.  I have had to remember to take out the diagonal shoots, which helps to maximise fruit production, without taking out the growing tip by mistake.

The plants need regular watering and suffered slightly in the greenhouse when we had that very sunny and dry period a couple of weeks ago.  I wanted to put a green gauze over the top of the greenhouse roof to provide a bit of shade, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it and before I knew it, the sky was cloudy and it was raining again!

I am leaving the door half open during the day to allow the air to circulate and the insects to come and go.  The insects will hopefully pollinate the flowers, slowly turning them into fruits.  Although there is a particularly voracious spider living in the greenhouse, which I witnessed attacking a bumblebee.  I felt really sorry for the bumblebee but I left well alone, it’s nature after all.  I just hope he/she doesn’t eat all the flying insects – the tomatoes need them!

I also find I am carrying several pieces of cut Jute Twine in my pocket wherever I go because so much needs tying back at the moment.  The tomato plants are gently tied to canes as they grow and start to bend over, therefore requiring support.  I wish I had more room in the greenhouse because it’s starting to look a bit crowded.

I’ll post as soon as I see any green tomatoes forming!



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