The best things about Sundays

* Having breakfast in bed with home-made bread… yum

* Cleaning out the chickens so that they have a sparkling clean, fresh bed to sleep in and a new patch of grass to scratch in

* Doing a load of washing and hanging it out on the line to get dried by the sun (in my dreams) and the wind (more likely)  can I add that my next door neighbour actually counts how many loads of washing I put on the line and will, without fail, make a comment along the lines of ‘I survive on washing my clothes once every 4 weeks’ – which does slightly ruin this joy a little

* Baking rolls ready for next week’s lunches

* Going for a Sunday walk, in wellies, through the fields and woods and seeing what plants and animals we can spot

* If it’s raining – sitting on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, reading a lovely book with a cup of tea



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