A Present for Keith and Steve

The chickens are going to get a really big surprise next week.  Little do they know but after a lot of umm-ing and ah-ing we decided to splash out and buy them some more chicken fencing.  It will give them lots more secure outside space and we can let them do a bit more free-ranging in confidence!

We chose this particular fencing because it has a special lower half of thin netting, which is perfect for bantams, as they can’t fit through and run into the veg patch. It even has a gate, so if they do decide somehow to make a great escape, we can open the gate and usher them back in.

Keith and Steve love their outdoor time a lot and put up a huge fuss when it’s time to go back into their run.  They suddenly lose their shared brain-cell and forget where their run door is.  Hopefully, this new addition to their home will encourage them to become a bit more sensible!  I’ll try and post some pictures when it’s up and running.



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