Tiny Ponds – Everything in Miniature

Tiny grasses, little waterlilies, mini pebbles… all the fun things you can find in miniature!

Last year, I started to create a miniature pond using a plastic tray that is 60cm x 45cm and 13cm deep.  It is standing on a little plinth of old bricks in a part of the garden that gets partial shade all day.

Firstly, after I had it positioned, I filled it up with rainwater from the water butt and left it outside to settle for about a week.   I found some roundish pebbles (you can either collect these yourself or get a small bag at a garden centre) and put them stacked in one corner to provide hiding/sitting places for any creatures that might take a fancy to living here.

The real fun began when I got to choose which water plants I wanted to adorn my creation with!  Most common marginal plants (ones that don’t like the water too deep) come in small sizes.  I wanted something contained within a pot as I don’t really have the space to allow something to run riot within the water.  Firstly I chose a miniature water lily.  I was immediately attracted by the thought of sweet little lily pads and beautiful tiny-sized lily flowers.  The lily was indeed beautiful for that first year, but for some reason, it didn’t do well with the changing temperatures of outside life.

The water forget-me-not (Mermaid), which is perfectly suited to small ponds and has really vivid blue flowers has been a success.  The grass (see below), also did well and moves in the wind and gives a little variation in heights and leaf-type.  We have a little bit of duckweed, which floats freely, but this can overtake the water surface and block out light, so it needs to be controlled.  I would also like to introduce some more oxygenating plants into the pond as well, to help improve the quality of the water, even if it is only the Daphnia (water fleas) that benefit!

The next step of the plan will be to transform this pond into a more spanish-style water feature that will sit within a courtyard patio area.  I may think about having some sort of moving water as well, but not a frothy fountain…   Everything of course still in miniature!


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