Lovely, Lovely Rain

I love the sunshine and I long for the days where you can lie outside with a book without getting a wind chill factor of -2.  However, it does make you start to worry about rain…(ridiculous, I know)!

This year, even though we have had a lot of drizzly, overcast days, there has still been a lack of good rain and watering has become a big necessity.  Plants in pots can’t manage as well as those in the soil and need careful watching and regular watering.  The soil in the beds is dry and even the plants with the longest roots are looking a little worse for wear.

Last night we had some nice big downpours, which I know won’t solve the water problem completely, but at least it will save watering for today and hopefully will go some way to replenishing the water butts. (I am desperately waiting for the council to do some money-off offers on water butts, because I could do with another 2)!



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