A New Addition to the Garden?

This is one of my favourite early summer plants and I have long admired it in the beds of my Mum’s garden.  I can never remember its name (Mother, if you are reading, please can you help me out with this?) and this year I have decided to try and take cuttings, so that I can either grow it in large terracotta pots on the terrace or put in my new beds.  Although it is very English-cottage-gardenesque, I think it has a mediterranean charm with its papery petals and very bright contrasting pinks and yellows.

As is widely advised when taking cuttings… I have taken off a recent stem where it meets an older stem so that you are left with a little heel on the end.  I then rummaged around to find some hormone rooting powder (looks very like baking soda).  After taking off all the lower foliage of my stem cutting, I dipped this into the powder before potting it up.  I have watered it every other day or when it looked dry and have kept it in the greenhouse for a bit of protection against the recent windy weather.

I spotted yesterday that it is already sprouting a few green shoots, which must indicate some sort of root growth below the soil, as surely it wouldn’t be getting enough nutrients for growing otherwise.  I will post a good picture when it looks a bit more than a spindly stick with a few green leaves!


2 thoughts on “A New Addition to the Garden?


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