The Eglu – My Dream Hen House

I know they’re really expensive and modern-looking… I’ve heard all the tutting about them.  Never the less, it is the most wonderful invention and I love it.

For years I have spent hours outside on cold winter mornings trying to scrub wooden slats clean or attempting to rid a beautifully painted, wooden coop of mites and mice.  The battle is finally over and I can sit back and enjoy the chickens in their futuristic pod!  I can honestly say that I didn’t buy it for my husband’s Christmas present because we wanted to look funky and trendy.  The ten minutes I spend giving it a wipe down and a clean out on a Sunday morning was well worth every penny.  We just move the run and house to a new location every week to let the grass recover and it’s a simple as that!

The only thing, which I expect lots of people find with all sorts of houses and runs, is how much time you give your hens to free-ranging.  We try to let ours out as often as possible into a section of the garden that is fenced off.  Eventually we hope to build them a larger ‘Walk in Run’ or WIR if you are really savvy with the old chicken lingo.  This will mean that they have a huge space to live in all day long – chicken bliss!



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