Chicken Treats

Keith being possessive over a blueberry!

Before I start going on about all the different things that the chickens go a little bit crazy for, I had better be good and say that I am careful how many extra bits they get on top of their layers pellets.  They generally have only these until they have laid their eggs, then they might get something interesting and fun to eat before having a tiny handful of corn and grits before bedtime.  They obviously have access to lots of fresh water throughout the day as well!

Although Keith, Steve (the chickens) and I have done our own experimenting about what foods they like, I must credit:

for getting us started on the right track.  They also include a really important section on what not to feed your hens.

So far we have discovered that they like:

*tomatoes – quite a lot!   *blueberries    *sweetcorn    *tiny bits of left-over rice, pasta or bread (although they shouldn’t have too much starch)   *earwigs (poor things)    *cabbage leaves

They are not keen on:

*yoghurt – which is supposed to be good for their digestive health!   *worms    *spinach



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