Supermarket Bought Basil Solutions!

If like me, you are taken to buying Supermarket Living Herbs, on the occasion when your seedlings are still too tiny or your favourite parsley has suddenly died on you.  Then you probably have experienced the loveliness of having a nice-smelling green plant in your kitchen for a time before it all goes brown and crusty or grey and mouldy!

I was talking to some ladies the other day and they believe they have the solution to getting these plants to last for years and years, even with constant picking for kitchen use.  It was obvious really when they said it.  I couldn’t believe it hadn’t even occurred to me!!

Apparently, the trick is to pot your plant into a large ceramic, plastic or whatever you fancy… pot.  Lots of space, the occasional feed with plant food and your £1.99 basil plant will give you 5 years + of joy!  Of course basil in particular really loves a sunny spot and currently, I know I am depriving mine a bit, as it is in the wrong position.  I do have a plan to sort that out!  So for now, I have re-potted my basil (above) into a larger plastic pot while I hunt for an even bigger ceramic one that it can live in more permanently.



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