Growing Tomatoes – Gazpacho anyone?!

I have somehow inherited a lot of tomato seedlings this year.  People seem to like giving me their overspill of plants, which is very generous and means that I can end up with an interesting variety.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t help with the growing plan that I may have had in place (*coughs nervously to cover up that I haven’t done one).  So, anyway, each of my tomatoes is a completely different variety but I imagine that they are small fruit bearers (cherry, plum etc).  I have potted them out into larger pots, given them a little organic fertiliser in their water and they have grown on beautifully.

Today I will find some suitable stakes for them, ready for when they need a bit of supporting.  I will probably leave them in the greenhouse all summer, with the door open, to protect them from the wind and hoards of birds.  My other plan is to try branching them out for fullest fruit production and I must remember to take out all the little diagonal shoots as well so that they don’t waste their energy on those!

I can’t wait for the hopefully bountiful tomato harvest ready for salads, chutneys and gazpacho.  Last year’s smokey tomato chutney was a winner!



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