The New Year Bracelet Race

Hello and happy holidays! I have just published this post over on the Wild Home blog and thought that you might like to read it here too... ... I thought that I would share with you a little challenge that the Wild Home team are going to take part in at the start of the... Continue Reading →


The Best of Dorset Country Style

The weather is getting wetter, darker and a bit drearier. You need to be prepared for every climate eventuality - how to manage this with style has escaped me thus far. Let me give you some back story... So, I often meet up with friends for dog walks and general tomfoolery around the countryside. I... Continue Reading →

A Wild Update

Hello my friends. I know many of you know what I've been beetling away at over the last few months but I thought it was about time I spilled the beans on here. We've started a new business - eek! Although started doesn't feel like the correct word, I suppose we've made a natural extension... Continue Reading →

Shopping Spree – Harts Haul

I was in a dangerous situation earlier in the week. I had to go to Harts of Stur to buy something very practical and slightly boring - a tea strainer I think it was. If you're a local you'll totally understand why I consider this a mission with much jeopardy. However, if you have not... Continue Reading →

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