Jewellery Inspired By Nature

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent quite a lot of time this week, deliberating whether or not to go out into the garden. The sun has been shining (hurray!) but it has been incredibly cold.  Any attempts to enjoy a cup of tea in the outdoors have sent me scuttling pretty quickly into the warmth of the kitchen and the view out of the window instead.

There’s something about the sun shining that has me reaching for the seed packets, houseplants or anything else that links me to nature. So lucky then, that the lovely designers at R.A. Fourt Jewelry Co. sent me the most beautiful earrings to have a look at.

All inspired by nature and the outdoors!

rafourt drop earrings

These particular earrings are made from maple, walnut, ebony and mahogany wood before being adorned with small pieces of tumbled coral. Aren’t they amazing? I am IN LOVE!  I adore how the different sections of wood come together to create a striking pattern.

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the R.A.Fourt team use their surroundings to inspire their minimalistic jewellery range. You can take a peek at their other beautiful items on their Etsy shop, here.

rafourt stud earrings

The studs in the picture above, are made from walnut, mahogany and my absolute favourite – Zebrawood!  They are so light and comfortable to wear and I get many admiring comments whenever I have them on.

Reece (the R. in R.A.Fourt!) spends much of his time, while not designing beautiful jewellery, making and repairing guitars so he’s pretty knowledgeable about working with natural materials and clearly has a real eye for striking design.

If you have time, I really recommend checking out the R.A.Fourt Facebook page, here.  There are some beautiful slide shows of their jewellery, but be prepared to do some mega swooning!

Let me know your favourites! x


The New Year Bracelet Race

Hello and happy holidays! I have just published this post over on the Wild Home blog and thought that you might like to read it here too…

I thought that I would share with you a little challenge that the Wild Home team are going to take part in at the start of the New Year. It’s called ‘The New Year Bracelet Race’.

It’s a great way to bring a bit of fun to those darker and colder January days and is brilliant for connecting groups of friends and family, especially if they are spread around the globe.

… photo by Christian Mackie …

To start off with, you need to give a friendship bracelet to everyone who is taking part. These can be ones that you have made from embroidery thread, little bits of string with a shell strung on it or some of our Cheka or Gecko bracelets. Ideally, you want them to be soft so that they are comfortable to wear.

As this type of jewellery is so light, it can easily and affordably be sent to friends and family in different countries.

Wild home gecko bracelet

 … Wild Home Gecko Bracelet …

As you give out your bracelets, a start date for the challenge needs to be agreed upon. Ours is going to be on 1st January (to make it a New Year’s race) but you can choose any date you like.

On the specified date, everyone puts on their bracelet. It’s a nice opportunity to take a photo of your newly worn bracelet and share these with your group.

The main idea of the challenge is that the bracelets stay on for as long as possible (this can be months and months) and the winner of the race is the person whose bracelet has stayed on the longest.

Cheka Bracelet

… Wild Home Cheka Bracelet …

As you catch up with the members of your group throughout the challenge, you can compare your bracelets and make predictions as to who might win. The stories surrounding the moments when each person’s bracelet comes off are great for sharing. We had an experience one year, where a team member’s friendship bracelet started to unravel itself slowly over many months until it was just a single thread in width. It held on, in that state, for what seemed like ages and was given a loud cheer when it finally fell off, well worn and loved!

We will be sharing our progress on Instagram using the hashtag #WHbraceletrace – please feel free to join in and share your pictures (remember to tag them).


Hallway Redecoration – The Starting Point

We’re having a major surge on the redecorating front at the Finca.  Bedrooms are now painted and looking all fresh and updated.  Skirting boards are newly whitened and shiny. It’s now the turn of the hallway and stairs.

The current Finca spans three floors and because of this, our stairwell has very tall ceilings and large spaces of wall.  We had been studying paint charts, looking at artwork and pondering which direction to go in, when the lovely people at PhotoWall got in contact.

PhotoWall Live in the Sunshine

PhotoWall are a Swedish company who produce wall murals and canvas prints using their designs (or yours, if you like).  Their products are environmentally friendly, flame retardant and do not fade in sunlight – especially handy if one day, you plan to transplant yourself to somewhere hot and sunny!

As you can see, it didn’t take me long to choose which design would suit us down to the ground!

PhotoWall Live in the Sunshine canvas

I chose a large design to work with our expanse of wall going up the stairs. Once we had hung it, the paint colours we were deliberating over became clear in our minds (more of that in a future post)! I think we needed a focus item to inspire us – and did we ever find it!

One of the things that impressed me most about PhotoWall’s system was how it arrived with a frame in sections and the canvas rolled up carefully.  It was so easy to construct the frame and secure the canvas onto it and once constructed, there was even a handy wall bracket to mount it onto the wall.

PhotoWall Frame

We are thrilled with our wonderful print and would like to thank PhotoWall for getting in touch! I love it!

I would highly recommend a visit to the PhotoWall website – especially if you are still looking for the perfect Christmas present.

Speak soon x

The Best of Dorset Country Style

The weather is getting wetter, darker and a bit drearier. You need to be prepared for every climate eventuality – how to manage this with style has escaped me thus far. Let me give you some back story…

So, I often meet up with friends for dog walks and general tomfoolery around the countryside. I see them from a distance at the meeting spot, wearing an array of beautiful leather boots, chic coats and trim trousers. As I glance down at my muddy raincoat and slightly chewed welly boots, I remind myself that I dress for warmth. For the weather. For practicality. However, somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I know that my dishevelled appearance is not making me feel great.  My friends are all able to do something else straightaway after their dog walk; either visiting friends or popping into town, whereas I have to scuttle home to put on my ‘non-dog walking clothes’ before I do anything.

This my friends. Is about to change.


… photo by Matthew Henry …

I have longed for a pair of all weather leather boots for such a long time, so much so, that I pounce upon everyone who I see wearing a pair (sorry if this happened to you and you had to beat me away with your umbrella in fright)! I usually hear the same story “Oh these, I got these at such a good price – 700 pounds – what a steal!”  OK, my friends, you know I am exaggerating slightly (it makes for a good tale) but you are also probably aware that this sort of footwear doesn’t always come at a reasonable price and therefore, is far out of my reach.

Until now.

brakeburn zip boots

Brakeburn tall zip boots

I was contacted at the lovely people at Brakeburn (who are based locally in Poole) to see if I wanted to try out some of their incredible products.

Brakeburn, a contemporary British brand with an active outdoor lifestyle.

This is a brand perfectly suited for anyone who loves excellent quality clothing and footwear, especially aimed at those of us who enjoy shopping in Crew, Joules, Fat Face and White Stuff.

…and with well-priced items and a substantial 20% off first orders, what’s not to love?

I jumped at the opportunity with gusto! In my head the conversation went something like this: “Yes please, you see I have been dreaming of this perfect pair of boots for such a long time. They need to have sturdy soles for dog walking and be pretty waterproof. If they could look good in town too, that would be a bonus.”

Brakeburn’s Tall Zip Boots fitted the bill exactly!

brakeburn zip boots

Look how cool and trendy I am now. Ha!

brakeburn zip boots

Just one more look at them… aren’t they the best?

I also talked to the Brakeburn crew about a coat. One that would take over the role of my muddy waterproof and would keep me cosy as the weather turned colder.

Cue their Long Insulated Coat… and it’s on SALE right now!!!

brakeburn jacket detail

It is long, warm and cosy with pretty details such as the Brakeburn logo on the arm and a great ribbon trim inside.

brakeburn jacket detail

I seriously urge you to check out their website here  – especially as I’ve just discovered that so many of their lovely items are on sale!

You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

… and please let me know what you choose!


Five Easy Ways To Embrace ‘Hygge’ In Your Home

Good morning! I posted this over on the WILD HOME page last week and thought that it might be of interest to you here too… As well as this post, I have some lovely Autumn posts coming soon and am on the look out for great events, recipes and Autumnal walks to try (and then write about). Please let me know in the comments below if you have any suggestions. x


Photograph by Matthew Henry

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it’s hard not to notice the nights drawing in, the chillier mornings and the leaves beginning to turn into a myriad of colours.

Unless you are planning a jaunt down to the tropics, the time is coming to pack away the flip flops and beach chairs (just for now!)  and look to ways to add layers to outerwear and find inspiration for creating cosy, welcoming inside spaces.

‘Hygge’ the Danish word for living well and enjoying life’s simple pleasures really has begun to resonate well with me. For such a long time, I used to mourn the end of summer with the freedom it provides and dread the cold that winter would bring. By adapting my way of thinking to embrace the concept of Hygge, I have actually begun to thaw my heart out to the idea of the winter months!

Here are 5 easy ways to bring joy to the colder season:

1. Start a new craft project

basket and yarn

Beginning a new hobby that involves playing with textures and colours will have you looking forward to the evenings and weekend afternoons. There’s nothing quite as lovely as curling up next to the fire with a film, a mug of hot chocolate and your latest project. Knitting, crochet and felting are especially good as you can make useful items with the most beautiful wools and yarns.

2. Decorate with candles or fairy lights


Creating light in different ways is a sure way to banish any winter blues. Look for interesting string lights with holes that will create shapes and textures with the light.  Candles and tea lights are a winter essential and for those of you who are worried about naked flames, there are many battery alternatives to candles to choose from.

3. Share a meal with family or friends


Leisurely meals with good food and good conversation are the perfect tonic to any dreary or cold days. You could try a ‘pot luck’ dinner – where guests bring a surprise addition to a course!

4. Bake!


Nothing shouts cosy more than walking into a room enveloped with the smell of baking. Just imagining cake, fresh out of the oven, makes my mouth water! There’s also something very therapeutic in the act of spending time in the kitchen, especially when you get to eat and enjoy the outcome!

5. Get Cosy


Create stacks of blankets, throws and spare cosy slippers for your family and friends to use when they come round to see you, especially if your home is prone to chills. No one wants a shivering guest! There’s nothing more rewarding, after a long walk in the frosty air, than being able to come back home, wrap yourself in a blanket and enjoy hot tea and toast!

Please leave me a comment with any of your hygge or Autumnal suggestions! See you soon. x

A Wild Update

Hello my friends. I know many of you know what I’ve been beetling away at over the last few months but I thought it was about time I spilled the beans on here.

We’ve started a new business – eek! Although started doesn’t feel like the correct word, I suppose we’ve made a natural extension to hundreds of already existing businesses.

W I L D  H O M E

is our name and we sell beautifully handmade fashion and lifestyle products. They are as ethically sourced as possible and all of our packaging is either 100% biodegradable or recyclable – even our packing tape!

Cowry Machakos Baskets Vanilla

… Cowry Machakos Baskets …

We work with small groups of artisans from around the world (currently our teams are based mainly in Kenya) and we provide a shop front for them to sell their products and therefore help to grow their businesses. We ensure that fair prices are paid to our craftsmen and women, which reflect their incredible skills.Hewa sandals

… Hewa handmade leather beaded sandals …

We first began selling sandals back in June. The first box of 10  pairs we received were sold within 20 minutes! We knew how beautiful they were but were thrilled that people loved them as much as we do.  Our customers love that each sandal has a velvet lining on the strap – meaning that they are so comfortable and will protect your feet on all of your travels.

Rafiki bracelet blue and gold stripes

… chunky Rafiki bracelet …

We sell all of our products from our online shop Wild Home and are trying to travel the UK as much as possible, exhibiting at fairs, shows and festivals – if anyone has any links or suggestions to any great venues or events, please let us know!

There is nothing quite as thrilling as exhibiting amongst like-minded creative businesses, chatting to people all day long and hearing their feedback about our products. In the short time that we have been doing this, we have already met so many fantastic people.  While we were exhibiting at the Gillingham and Shaftesbury show back in August, we met a lady from Kenya who almost managed to sign us up to horseback safaris that her son runs! Perhaps that’s one for next year?!kushika clutch bag from Wild Home

… Kushika Clutch Bag …

We are very, very grateful for all of the support and encouragement that we have received – it’s been a bit overwhelming actually. It has really solidified how much we love what we do and how ideally, this is our mission for the future. We are looking to develop further links with artisans in many different countries so that we can bring the most unique and the highest quality products to you.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! If you would like to see more of our story – please check out our page here.  I’ll also put all the Wild Home social links at the end! x

… fine woven mini baskets …

Come and say hi:





Garden Update – The Arrival Of The Pond

The new Finca garden is everything that I have wanted for so long. A lovely walled surround to grow things up, a dangly branched tree that provides dappled shade and a general atmosphere of peacefulness.  Last summer, I sat under the tree with my tea, a book and was happy and content, except that one thing niggled me.

Every day that I was outside, I could hear the faint bubbling of a pond fountain in the distance.  I loved that sound and wished it was closer; that I could have some running, trickling water in the garden. How relaxing would that be? I would generally think to myself.

fish in pond

I didn’t really want to have a pond that involved digging. I wanted a pond at a height that you could sit around, rest your feet on the sides and see easily out of the kitchen window. Doing the washing up and watching the water ripple in the wind is a very relaxing way to do the dishes!

We looked at lots of different pond kit options (I’ll leave you the links below). We chose one eventually that came with a good liner and was wooden, so that it would work well aesthetically in the garden.

spiral pond plant

floating pond plant

It took us an afternoon to build and another afternoon to wire in the filter and pump.  A few days later, I got some little plants and after a week, we added the fish! Five little fish.

They are the happiest fish I have even seen. They zoom around in their little group, jump and flip. They hide in the weed and come and greet you eagerly at feeding time. I love these little guys.

Do you want to see? Mr D-F and I had great fun with this next little number:


Some of the ponds I was considering:

Wooden raised pond

Square pond

Rectangular pond

The pond pump we bought:

Pond pump and filter

Outside electrical switch box

We use these floating planters for our marginal plants:

Pond planters

Some of the plants we bought:


Oxygenating Elodea