DIY Business Cards

{celebratory business cards}

Yippee that the blog is now!

To celebrate this I thought some business cards were needed, as I spend a lot of time writing down the web and email address for people.

This way I can give out handy little cards that look amazing.

For inspiration, I used a tutorial from the Oh Hello Friend blog, here… 

…(Danni uses a fab wrap-around text design).

As an extra bit of loveliness… I have designed a little image for a rubber stamp, which when it arrives, I can stamp onto the blank, back section of the card.

It will the the icing on the cake!

Get Creative with Your Life

{a little creation}

Oh goodness I discovered a life-changing iPad APP yesterday.

Life-changing I tell you!

It’s called Noteshelf.

You can draw, write, type and do all sorts of other things on your iPad.  It is so incredible, I want to weep – just a little bit.

You don’t even need any fancy extra kit… doodling with your finger is just fine!


Courtesy of the Heart Handmade UK blog, here, I discovered lots of different planners (blog planners, journals, notepads, menus etc.) that can be downloaded and placed into the above App to be used like this:

{an example of my planner I have on my iPad – and no, I don’t actually go swimming on Wednesdays.  It’s far too cold…}

If you are still yet to discover the wonders of the iPad, these planners can be downloaded and printed too – so it’s joy all round.

See… organisation is magnificent isn’t it?!

{do you love the new signature? It’s a work in progress.}

Seed Organisation

{seed packets in a little box}

I love organisation.  L-O-V-E it!  So when I was advised to re-organise my seed packets, I jumped straight to it.  Luckily, there was the perfect wooden box left over from Christmas treats.  Now all my seeds are in date order {planting date} and look fab too.

{wage packets}

I use wage packets {bought from places like Staples} to store seeds that I have collected from last year’s plants.

They have a brown-parcel-paper chic to them – don’t they?

Does anyone else have any top tips for seed or greenhouse organisation? Go on…share! x