The Sweet Smell of Garden Roses


{a rosebud from the Finca garden…

…you can find more like this on the DF Instagram page, if you’re as obsessed with photographs as me!}

The roses are in full bloom and are seemingly doing very well this year.

I tried specifically to train them last summer to produce horizontal stems – as this method produces the most flowers the following year.  I have also been keeping the aphids at bay using the old favourite of:

1 x sprayer filled with water

2 drops of olive oil

2 drops of fairy liquid

…and so far so good.  Whether I can still have a flowering rose at Christmas time (yes, it is still my mission), remains to be seen.

Have a great week!


  1. Knew about the fairy liquid but not the olive oil – great tip!

  2. Will give that a go….although the birds I encourage in the garden do a good job at keeping the roses clear.

    • You are so lucky! We have lots of wild birds too, but they don’t seem to be interested in the hoards of aphids that always appear at this time of year. I always have to take matters into my own hands!!

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