Caring For Chickens In Cold Weather


The cold seems to have stepped up a notch in the last few days…

…and as you can see, Keith is extremely grumpy!

As I sit by the warm wood burner, drinking my hot chocolate (yes, I know I’m obsessed) and watching re-runs of Gossip Girl and Prison Break, I worry about our hens out and about in the cold.

Apart from their favourite bowl of warm porridge oats, a nice bit of corn late in the day and some straw for them to resolutely throw everywhere… is there anything else that they would appreciate?

This post on the Omlet forum is particularly helpful. While it provides useful and sensible advice, it does remind me that Keith probably always looks this disgruntled and doesn’t mind the odd cold snap one bit!


  1. It’s true that you can lose chickens in extreme temperatures (ours suffer more in the heat) but plenty of straw should help. They may lay less too for a while :(

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