Dorset Finca Birthday = Lemon Sponge!

lemon sponge“What is it with all this lemony-ness lately?” I hear you ask.

I can’t honestly explain. But currently, it’s all about the lemons. 

So when a birthday popped up out of the blue…

…I used this recipe for sponge and adapted it with a little lemon zest and juice.

(Also, I didn’t use quite as much mixture because I didn’t need two Victoria Sponge halves you see).

The sponge was topped off with a little yellow-coloured icing and some simple decorations.

I am actually eating a bit of lemon-cake-leftover right now. 


Love from The Dorset Finca x


  1. Sounds good to me!

  2. Ooh that looks good! Brithday wishes to the Birthday Person (you?)!

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