My Craft Room – A. Whole. Room…!

We’ve had a bit of a clear up and guess what we found…

A. Whole. Room.

I know. Amazing.

So, what better way to use it than to turn it into a craft room of delights!?

After an afternoon’s worth of pottering about, I had:

1. Labelled up some little trays to organise my smaller crafty bits and pieces. Things like washi tape, stencils, brushes etc. will go in here.

2. Found a lovely box to put the hardcore crafty stuff and obviously had to make a label for that too.

3. Transformed an old flower pot into a desk tidy for myself.

4. Strung up a little washing line, for things that are either inspirational or need drying. Hopefully I’ll change the hangings every week or so.


Tomorrow I’ll be addressing the bare wall situation… but what to do… what to do…?

Any ideas?


  1. Having a nice place to work is always such an inspiration. :)

  2. Lucky you to find a whole new room!! :) Enjoy!! It is so lovely to have a nice area to craft in especially if you have a view of the garden. Happy Crafting.
    Regards Florence x

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