Flower Crush: Clematis Anna Louise

{Clematis Anna Louise in all her tendril-ly loveliness}

I only have a few words…

What.  A.  Stunner.

Oh… and this beauty has two flowering seasons, so you get it all twice!

P.s. sorry for the slightly blurry top right photo.  It was such a gorgeously soft image that I had to include it! 


  1. Clematises (if that is how the plural goes!) are amazing flowers, the top right one with the stamens reminds me of the inside of the fig, the flowers. Beautiful. :)

    • Yes, I’m not sure of the plural! Clemati isn’t right I’m sure. Maybe it’s like sheep i.e the same name for both! Thank you for your lovely comment – it does look a bit figgy!! x

  2. Rae Rae says:

    Gorgeous darling…your photos are fab by the way…what camera are you using?

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