Only Me!

It’s me! Hurrah!

I’m back from my impromptu holiday. Sorry if you thought I had dropped off the planet!

I’ve got so much to catch you up on.

I’ll start by sharing the above photo of the tadders eating their favourite snack of cat biscuits. They have come along way since this post.  They’re doing very well and I think I can just about start to see leg sprouts.

 Yay for leg sprouts!

Missed you lots…


  1. That’s a very nice shot =)

  2. I was thinking about you yesterday. Pleased to hear you are ok. Great photo. TFS. Thought the cat biscuit was a rubber ring for them to play with :)
    Regards Florence X

    • Sorry for my late reply Florence. I’ve been having a bit of difficulty with my comment notifications. It’s really nice to hear from you… and you have given me an idea… maybe I should branch out into tadpole play equipment???!!! :)

  3. Cat biscuits? Who’d have thought. :)

  4. Great to have you back…welcome home!

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